" Without loud-speaking phrases and themes recurring in media but rather in a delicate, unobtrusive and elegant manner, the puppeteer invites audience to think over the categories of stupidity, modesty and wicked jealousy. "


Lino lėlės

Performance for children and families

Director, designer, performer Linas Zubė
Video artist Angelina Furmaniuk Savickienė
Composer Algirdas Zigmantas

Duration 45 mins
Premiere 30 June, 2018


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The play takes us to the first half of the 19th century when a founder of Lithuanian aviation, a great constructor, philosopher, and inventor Aleksandras Griškevičius lived. This story invites us to seek for heavens and not be afraid to create what might seem impossible nowadays.
“A. Griškevičius was an eccentric constructor – instead of working, earning money and leading an ordinary life, he simply wanted to fly. In the play, however, I’m interested not only in his story but also in how aviation developed in those times: from its very dawn to a Samogitian skybreaker – a steam aircraft constructed by A. Griškevičius,” – tells Linas Zubė, the author of the play.
In the play, a real story turns into an allegory about a human dream to fly, go up high into the skies, and leave worldly problems behind.
“It’s not actual events or aircrafts that I as drawn by in this story but rather the very idea of not giving up hope, striving for your dream; and even after you’ve lost it there is someone else to follow your path. The idea burnt out becomes a starting point of a journey towards further discoveries,” – the director muses.

02 /LINO LĖLĖS (Linas’ Puppets) is a puppet theatre for children and families. Its founder Linas Zubė, a puppeteer and a universal, multidisciplinary artist is an Associate Professor at the Directing Department of the Faculty of Arts at Klaipeda University. He was one of the founders and leading actors of the legendary Puppet Theatre at Klaipeda University KU-KŪ (1992) which is today’s Klaipėda Puppet Theatre. When asked whom she admires most at the Lithuanian puppet theatre a famous stage director, playwright and art designer Jūratė Januškevičiūtė says: “Linas Zubė, for sure. He simply disappears in a puppet. It is the puppet that cries, speaks and has feelings, not him. He is a devoted puppeteer, representing a synthesis of childishness and wisdom, acrobatics and philosophy, tragedy and comedy”.

23rd September, 12:00 am.
Klaipeda Drama Theatre, Chamber Hall